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Protects your baby from colic, regurgitation and irritability

Hygienic and heat resistant

Glass Bottle Feeding bottle is made of borilicate glass, hygienic and safe.

Thanks to the physiological teat you can peacefully feed your baby. It is easy to use with its wide opening that is quick to fill and easy to clean.


Pure borosilicate glass, hygienic and safe: thermal shock and heat resistant, it maintains its properties unchanged over time. Dishwasher safe and suitable for sterilization.

Advanced anti-colic system
Advanced anti-colic system

Proven anti-colic effect*:

the anti-colic valve is designed to prevent from air swallowing, helping to reduce irritability, regurgitation and colic after feeding.

* Consumer test run with 200 babies and mothers in Italy, 2015.

Peaceful and continuous feeding
Peaceful and continuous feeding

1. Wide and rounded base helps sucking.

2. Ribbed rings for a natural feeling.

Soft and elastic teat for an easy switch between breastfeeding and bottles. It is made of Latex.

Designed to make life easy
Designed to make life easy

1. Drip-proof cap for maximum protection and hygiene

2. Interchangeable physiological teat

3. Safe closure: no leakage

4. Bottle made of borosilicate glass, hygienic and safe

Slow flow
Slow flow

Ideal for newborns and babies during the first months of life.

Meer details

  • Product Code: 00020710100000 rosa
  • EN 14350
  • Made of natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions
  • The physiological teat is compatible with all the WellBeing bottles
  • Bottle capacity: 150ml
  • Slow flow
  • At the first usage, please read the instruction manual and the information and warnings on the pack.