The history of the Project

The collaboration Chicco Ai.Bi.


Chicco, a lifelong dedication to children. It is also, and above all, dedicated to children who are denied the serenity and security of a family.

In fact, Chicco knows that a good relationship between parents and children is the basis for happiness, even in adulthood.
Happiness is a right for all those children who, in Italy, experience abandonment or family difficulties.
Chicco has been working for more than 10 years with Ai.Bi. - Associazione Amici dei Bambini, international humanitarian organisation that defends the rights of children and their fundamental right to family life. And their right to happiness too.
The dream? Giving each child the warmth of a loving family in which to grow.

chicco-di-felicita-editions-1 chicco-di-felicita-editions-1

2012: a new Chicco di Felicità for a 2012 even more full of love.

chicco-di-felicita-editions-2 chicco-di-felicita-editions-2

2010-2011: Chicchi di Felicità for special children.

chicco-di-felicita-editions-3 chicco-di-felicita-editions-3

2009: Family Exchange Areas.

chicco-di-felicita-editions-4 chicco-di-felicita-editions-4

2003-2008: Family Homes.