Baby Moments

From bath time to nappy change, from massage oil to fragrances, a world of care and cuddles for the delicate skin of your baby.


To discover that happiness is contained into a soft baby scented embrace.

Baby Moments is the complete range of mild and specific products for cleansing and protecting your baby’s sensitive skin, from his first few days of life. The products of the line can be divided into different times of use for cleansing and hydrating the skin during the bathtime, protecting it during his nappy change, massaging it gently, taking it in a soft embrace with that wonderful baby scent. �


Maximum respect for children's skin.

A full range of hypo-allergenic and clinically tested products, paraben-, SLES-, SLS-free, for guaranteeing the maximum respect for baby’s skin.

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It's bath time.

The skin of newborn babies is thin, tends to be dry and is not yet able to maintain effective protection. If not treated with specific products, it is prone to redness, irritation, and increased dryness in particular between the fingers or in the skin folds. It is thus important to employ a cleansing product that removes dirt respecting the physiological and structural characteristics of delicate skin.

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Nappy changing moment.

During the first months of life, skin is still very thin and sensitive to external agents. Redness and irritation are therefore very frequent in the nappy area. Use specific wipes to cleanse the baby’s skin at every nappy change; sprinkle talcum powder to dry the skin and apply soothing cream to relieve any nappy caused irritation and prevent irritating substances from coming into contact with the baby’s skin.

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The protection moment.

To moisturise baby's skin, always apply a fluid product with moisturising properties after bath time. For particularly dry and sensitive skin it is a good idea to use a nourishing cream that respects the skin's hydrolipidic film. For the face and other exposed parts of the body, it is advisable to use a rich and protective cream. Furthermore, just after bath time is the ideal moment for a massage using a specific oil.

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Cuddle moment.

After bath time or nappy change, there it comes a scented moment to pleasantly conclude your baby's daily hygiene routine: the first gentle and fresh "beauty treatment" for a cuddly bath that smells so good! Baby moments proposes three types of Eau de Cologne: two with a sweet and floral fragrance, with or without alcohol, and another one with a sweet and delicate perfume.

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Natural ingredients.

In each product of the baby moments line there is a specific natural ingredient, to care the sensitive children's skin in every single moment of the day.

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